I am 3-years-old!

27.08.20 11:36 AM By Begin Bright

Begin Bright recognises that all children develop at different stages. This is a general overview of milestones that children aged 3-years-old may be achieving.

I am 3-years-old! I'm learning to:

  • Name eight main colours (red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, brown, black)
  • Recite numbers to 10 and start counting groups of things
  • Understand morning, night, and days of the week
  • Remember and retell favourite stories
  • Understand and talk about things that are the "same" and "different"
  • Follow simple three-step directions
  • Use the basic rules of grammar
  • Use five or six words in a sentence and have a short conversation
  • Tell you my name, the name of my friend, and what common objects are called
  • Understand words like in, on, behind, and next
  • Ask "wh-" questions like "Why?" and "What?" (Sometimes a lot!)
  • Like going to new places and trying new things
  • Play with other kids (as opposed to only playing side-by-side)
  • To be able to comfort and show concern for a friend who is sad
  • Take turns while playing (but I don’t always like to!)
  • Play "real life" with toys like play kitchens
  • Find simple ways to solve arguments and disagreements
  • Show (but maybe not name) a variety of emotions beyond happy, sad, and mad


The Begin Bright Play With Purpose for 2 3 years are for me! Begin Bright can help children to achieve these milestones and set the foundations for future learning success.