We’re serious about making learning seriously fun.

More than A.B.C.s & 123s, helping kids to be the brightest little learners they can be!

The Begin Bright early years, preschool and school readiness programmes focus on supporting our youngest learners in the early stages of development and school life. Our programmes assist children in building confidence and creating a love of learning. They help children prepare for the transition to school and then continue to support them in the first year of school and beyond. The Begin Bright characters and interactive, engaging lessons make learning fun!

What are our early years and preschool programmes?

Play with Purpose starts children’s learning journey from 2 years of age with creative and fun lessons that build on children’s natural curiosity. Supported by parents, children are introduced to literacy, numbers, craft, science and music through fun and interactive activities. They are also strengthening their fine and gross motor skills, learning to share and build their social skills.

Our School Readiness programme aligns with Early Years Frameworks giving young children a balanced introduction to learning and early exposure to maths, literacy, and social skills by engaging with well-known children’s books.

Children attend a fun filled 1 hour class with qualified teachers, once a week. 

Throughout all the Begin Bright early years and preschool programmes children are supported to:

  • Confidently approach tasks
  • Demonstrate an understanding of age-appropriate literacy and numeracy skills
  • Develop a phonemic knowledge of words
  • Work in groups
  • Follow instructions
  • Build independence
  • Build school readiness skills
  • and so much more!

Begin Bright programmes incorporate synthetic phonics so that when a child arrives at the stage of decoding words, the words can then be broken into small pieces (e.g., c-a-t). This approach gives children more success when starting to read, and they reach words that they cannot identify through context and appearance alone. All of our programmes are designed to be enjoyable and give kids the absolute best start to their education.

Find out more about our range of programmes and to book a free trial class below.


Play With Purpose Programme

Little girl smiling playing with play-dough in the Begin Bright Play With Purpose programme, Begin Bright logo

For children aged 2 - 3

The 2 – 3-year-old Begin Bright programme is designed for play with purpose. 

This programme builds on children’s natural curiosity and love of learning. While each lesson revolves around stories, craft, songs, exploring and playing, the main focus is to introduce children to age-appropriate concepts. This will give children a solid foundation for learning when they progress through the later levels of Begin Bright programmes and transition to school.


This programme not only concentrates on the traditional learning focuses of colours, shapes and numbers but also looks at understanding concepts such as seasons and weather, positioning of items, people in our communities and how their body works. Hands-on activities help develop their gross and fine motor skills and build their social skills as they interact with other children and adults. This gives children confidence when they go to kindergarten, preschool or the next level of the Begin Bright programmes.

Each lesson includes

  • Story time with a well-known children’s book
  • Music or nursery rhymes
  • Arts and craft activities
  • Literacy and numeracy
  • Fine and gross motor activities or play-based activities

Where to next?

Once children have completed the 2 – 3 years programme, they can then move into our 3 – 5 years programme as they start to prepare to transition to school. Children usually participate in this programme before they start school, and it helps lay the foundations for a life-long love of learning.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


School Readiness

For children aged 3 - 5

The School Readiness programme provides the learning foundations for children and compliments learning at daycare or nursery. The programme is designed to support children in their transition to school.

Play-based activities and hands-on group work help to develop social and co-operation skills. The programme incorporates activities to build fine and gross motor skills, develop pencil grip and hand-eye co-ordination to support the preparation for writing.

Each lesson includes

  • Literature study with universally loved books like “We’re going on a bear hunt”
  • Early S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) and literacy-based activities that introduce reading and writing skills and enhance children’s language skills
  • Craft based and movement activities also improve gross and fine motor skills
  • Songs and nursery rhymes
  • A focus each week on a letter and a number from 1 – 10
  • Fun literacy and numeracy games
  • Letter sounds and phonemic awareness
  • Activities to do at home                              

The Primary Booster Programme - COMING SOON! 

The Begin Bright Primary Booster programme is designed to support children in their first year of primary school by reinforcing and extending learning based on their schoolwork.

Through a combination of group, one on one, and independent work, children obtain a good foundation of reading principles while also reviewing single sounds, blend sounds and then introducing sight words, punctuation and writing.

In Mathematics, this programme focuses on understanding concrete concepts behind the abstract questions. At this year level, children can connect names, numerals, and quantities for numbers. We encourage fluency in counting sequences, adding and subtracting, and developing problem-solving skills.


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